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Diflucan is used for cases of fungal infections that did not respond to other treatment methods and have affected esophagus, genital area, lungs, throat, mouth, bladder or blood. It's also often recommended for patients who have AIDS or HIV, undergo cancer treatment, have bone marrow transplant or autoimmune disease. Those patient may be at a higher risk of getting fungal infections because they are more prone to it due to their weakened immune system. It's important that the patient intending to start Diflucan treatment should always consult a doctor, even if they are going to purchase this medicine online. Doing so will help that patient make sure the treatment is successful and above everything else, safe. You will still need to let your doctor know if there are any potential contraindications you have, particularly a history of an allergic reaction to tioconazole, miconazole, sulconazole, terconazole, econazole, voriconazole, ketoconazole or clotrimazole. These allergies will be important to mention, because if you have them, the chances are, you will have the same reaction to Diflucan, which will render your treatment inefficient and will result in your stopping the treatment.

Your doctor will need to know if there are any medical conditions you have that may in some way affect your treatment unless reported timely. You will need to let your doctor know if you have kidney disease, heart rhythm disorder, personal or family history of Long QT syndrome as well as liver disease. Those may require additional tests or other measures for your doctor to make sure you will be enjoying you treatment with Diflucan and your medical issues are in no way affected by it. It's also important to tell your health care provider about any other drugs you are using, especially rifabutin, alprazolam, diazepam, blood thinners, theophylline, midazolam, seizure medications, rifampin, oral diabetes medicine, lorazepam, tacrolimus, clopidogrel or cyclosporine. Drug interactions with Diflucan are unpredictable and may occur at any point of the treatment. You will always need to make sure you discuss every aspect of Diflucan treatment in advance and let your doctor know if you have any questions. This will help you be ready for taking Diflucan and following the routine your health care provider recommended.

Following the treatment routine is always important because it can be different for different patients. Some of those patients may be required to take Diflucan once, others will need to be using it regularly for a specific period, while others will have to start with a double dose of the medicine. You will need to know which one is the right one for you to take Diflucan in exact accordance with it. Your doctor will be able to provide all the required recommendations for you to follow. You can carry on with your Diflucan treatment if you have such mild side effects as upset stomach, itching, headache, skin rash, diarrhea, mild nausea, unpleasant taste in your mouth, vomiting or dizziness. Those side effects are nothing to worry about as long as they go away on their own. More serious side effects of Diflucan are supposed to be reported to your doctor right away, especially chills, low fever, dark urine, unusual weakness, seizure, easy bruising or bleeding, red skin rash, severe blistering, flu symptoms, loss of appetite, yellowing of the skin or eyes, body aches, stomach pain or clay-colored stools. Those side effects are not likely to go away on their own and will persist unless you report them.

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Diflucan 150 mg  

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